Music for Five (1990)

Music for Five for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (12″) won first prize in the International League of Women Composers Competition (now IAWM) in 1990. The piece is based on interlocking series of sets with each movement having a distinct and contrasting character. The first movement, Form is based on two competing themes, the first very vigorous and with a wide range and the second theme much more lyrical. Each instrument is treated in a soloistic manner. The second movement, Adagio starts very quietly in the lowest register of the clarinet and proceeds in ever larger and more complex waves of sound ending as it began in the solo clarinet. Fugue is set in a twentieth century context using many traditional fugal techniques with the episodes using metric modulations.

This work was premiered at the University of Chicago by CCP (Contemporary Chamber Players), and performed several times since including CUBE Contemporary Chamber Ensemble and Korean Women Composers 21st International Festival in Seoul, Korea.