Composer and Oboist Patricia Morehead has created a body of work of exceptional richness and breadth. Spanning the repertory from solo works to works for orchestra, her music employs a palette of sounds and structures that entice the ear and seduce the mind.



Pat Morehead’s 80th Birthday Concert at Koerner Hall

We had a wonderful event at Toronto's fabulous Koerner Hall on August 29, the day of Pat Morehead's …

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“Night Sky”, new string quartet to be premiered

The string quartet of the North Bay Symphony, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, will premiere a new work b…

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Voice with Instruments

Other Works for Voice and instruments (click for full list)

A Shimmering (2020) mezzo-soprano, piano (3″) Poetry by Sharon Singer How Oft When Thou Play&#…

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Solo Works (click for full list)

Secret Path: Through the Florsheim Mansion (2016) for solo piano (5″) commissioned by Access C…

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Metropolis for orchestra

Metropolis (2011) for Orchestra (14 min.) was commissioned and premiered by conductor Russell Vinick…

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