Solo Works (click for full list)

Secret Path: Through the Florsheim Mansion (2016) for solo piano (5″) commissioned by Access Contemporary Music, Chicago dedicated to and premiered by Sebastian Huydts Sounds and Sighs for John (2016) for oboe/oboe d’amore and electronics (10″) dedicated to the memory of my teacher and mentor John Eaton (1935-2015) Adagissimo — Cinquant’ anni d’amore (2013) for […]

Meditation and Exultation (2012)

Patricia Morehead’s newest work is a piece for oboe d’amore solo dedicated to Alicia Cordoba Tait in honor of the Virgin Mary. About Meditation and Exultation – my oboist friend Alicia Cordoba Tait is a Marian scholar at Benedictine University. We are long-time friends (she’s a fine oboist, of course). I am lucky that I […]

Fantasy Variations (1999)

Fantasy Variations (1999) [pdf] solo harpsichord (10”) Commissioned by harpsichordist Jory Vinicour Fantasy Variations for harpsichord was premiered by Mostly Music and just recently performed in the Santa Barbara New Music Festival in November 2010. Fantasy Variations was written for and dedicated to harpsichord virtuoso Jory Vinikour, originally from Chicago, who lives in Paris and […]

Episode in the Life of a Proton (1986)

Episode in the Life of a Proton (1986) won first prize in the International League of Women Composers Competition (6 min.). It was premiered by Abraham Stokman at the Chicago Cultural Center and has been performed internationally by Jeffery Jacobs including South Africa. Episode in the Life of a Proton was inspired by a visit […]