“Night Sky”, new string quartet to be premiered

The string quartet of the North Bay Symphony, North Bay, Ontario, Canada, will premiere a new work by Patricia Morehead, Night Sky, inspired by the paintings of the famous Canadian Group of Seven .  The performance will be accompanied by projection of the paintings being portrayed. The concert will be on Saturday, May 26, 2018 […]

Works for Chamber Ensemble (click for full list)

Night Sky (2018) for string quartet commission by and dedicated to the North Bay Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Jones, musical director and conductor Retro Variations: Search for a new melody (2015) for violin, clarinet and piano (6″) Come Dance With Me the Dance of Life (2014) for solo bassoon and string orchestra  (12″) commissioned by North/South […]

Conversations (2011)

Conversations for oboe and percussion is dedicated to and composed especially for oboist Alicia Cordoba Tait and percussionist George Blanchet to celebrate their new friendship and engagement.

Prairie Portraits (2010)

Pat’s Prairie Portraits for English horn and piano was commissioned and premiered by Carolyn Hove of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Disquieted Souls (2009)

Disquieted Souls (2009) was commissioned by Carolyn Hove, English horn soloist of the LA Philharmonic for EH solo, string quintet and woodwind quintet. (14 min.) It was premiered by the composer on English horn with North South Consonance, Max Lifchitz conducting (2009) in NYC at St. Stephen’s Church and performed recorded with Carolyn Hove with CUBE in June 2010.

Ladders of Anxiety (2007)

Ladders of Anxiety (2007) for flute, string trio and guitar commissioned and premiered by flutist Clare Chase of Ice. It has been performed on WFMT with Caroline Pittman as soloist with the Avalon String Quartet (13 min.) Ladders of Anxiety for flute/alto flute, guitar and string trio is dedicated to the incomparable Claire Chase and ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble).

Pulsars and Tango (2006)

Pulsars and Tango is dedicated to Seth Boustead, Artistic Director of Access Contemporary Music, Chicago. It is my first string quartet and expresses my interest in the universe beyond the bonds of earth and my passion for the dance.

Down Quicksand Alleys (2001)

Down Quicksand Alleys was composed and performed for the 2001 Chicago Humanities Festival. The three poems of Nina Corwin are the inspiration for the music.

The Handmaid’s Tale (1998)

The Handmaid’s Tale (1998) was commissioned by two internationally known pianists – Ursula Oppens and Aki Takahashi in celebration of American Women Composers Midwest 15th anniversary at Pick Staiger Hall at Northwestern University, Evanston.

Elegy (1996)

Elegy (1996) for English horn and piano was premiered at the University of Chicago by CCP with the composer performing. (7 min.) It has since been performed many times by English hornist Carolyn Hove and Alicia Cordoba Tait. The work is also available for viola, clarinet, or alto saxophone. It is to be published by Jeanné, Inc.

The Edible Flute (1993)

The Edible Flute was inspired by Canadian author, Margaret Atwood’s novel The Edible Woman. Atwood deals with the issue of Woman as the nurturing sex and the inner demands that this makes on her.

Music for Five (1990)

Music for Five won first prize in the International League of Women Composers Competition (now IAWM) in 1990. The piece is based on interlocking series of sets with each movement having a distinct and contrasting character.