Music of Pat Morehead featured in school production

Portions of Pat Morehead’s Disquieted Souls and Conversations were used during the imaginative stage production of Alice at the Walter Payton College Prep, Chicago, February 2011. The director, Kerry Catlin, had heard the works when they were performed on WFMT by CUBE Contemporary Chamber Ensemble.

Athens Saxophone Quartet performs Morehead “Event Horizon”

Pat’s saxophone quartet and a paper on Ralph Shapey presented at Society of Composers conference.

A new decade for Pat!

Pat is celebrating her 70th birthyear! Four of her works were performed by CUBE Contemporary Chamber Ensemble in a broadcast on WFMT on January 24, 2011. The pieces performed (click on the name to hear the performance): Music for an Abandoned Warehouse, Alaskan Songs, Conversations, and Disquieted Souls.