Other Works for Voice and instruments (click for full list)

Landscape (2023)
for tenor, flute and string orchestra (or string quartet)
Poetry by James Morehead, inspired by the paintings of Bert Weir

A Shimmering (2020)
mezzo-soprano, piano (3″)
Poetry by Sharon Singer

How Oft When Thou Play’st (2017)
setting of Sonnet 128 by Wiliam Shakespeare
for vocal quartet and piano (5-1/2″)
premiered by Highlands Opera Studio, Haliburton, ON

A Song of Pilgrimage (2015)
mezzo-soprano, English horn and piano (5″)
Commissioned by Grace Episcopal Church, Chicago, IL and Reverend Ted Curtis

Black Hawk’s Soliloquy (2015)
bass, piano (12″)
from the opera Black Hawk Speaks: An American Tragedy

Christmas Again (2013)
soprano, piano (10″)
Poetry by Alicia Berneche

Die Taube (2012)
mezzo-soprano, piano (5″)
Poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke

Sempre un giorno nuovo (2011)
soprano, piano (8″)
Poetry by Cathy Ann Elias

Keyboards, Characters (2008)
mezzo-soprano, speaker, piano (8”)
Poetry by Nina Corwin
Composed for the AIDS Quilt Project, December 2008

Salome Gives Seven Explanations for a Kiss (2005)
for soprano, flute, oboe, cello, piano, percussion (12”)
Poetry by Nina Corwin

Love Song for Marie (2001)
for soprano, piano [5”)
Poetry of Michael Glass

It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers (1999)
soprano, piano (8”)
Poetry by Margaret Atwood

Music for an Abandoned Warehouse (1996)
soprano, clarinet (9”)
Poetry by James Morehead
(also available for mezzo-soprano and bass clarinet)

I Dream (1996)
soprano, piano (5”)
Poetry by Peter Lagios
Commissioned by soprano Maria Lagios

A Chantar (1993)
mezzo-soprano, viola, oboe d’amore, small percussion (10”)
Poetry by Beatriz, La Comtesse de Dia
Commissioned by “womenALASKAmusic” Festival, Fairbanks, AK

Triptych (1992)
soprano, string quartet (18″)
“Night Thoughts” (Poetry by John Shreffler)
“#15 from portraits of red and grey” (Poetry by James Morehead)
“Brass Rail Blues” (Poetry by Ian Morehead)

Zoological Garden (1990)
soprano, flute, harp (12”)
“The Creation of the World” (Poetry by Madeleine L’Engle)
“Jellyfish Stew” (Poetry by Jack Prelutsky)
“Batty” (Poetry by Shel Silverstein)
“The Unassuming Owl” (Poetry by Jack Prelutsky)
“Peckin’” (Poetry by Shel Silverstein)
“The Creation of Fish, Fowl and Cattle” (Poetry by Madeleine L’Engle)
Commissioned by the Exsultate Trio, premiered at the Brookfield Zoo

Alaskan Songs (1989-1992)
mezzo-soprano, clarinet, piano (18″)
“Still Life” for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (Poetry by Sheila Nickerson)
“The Woman Who Would Be Perfect” for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (Poetry by Frank Buske)
“The Ladies Who Talked All the Time” for mezzo-soprano and clarinet (Poetry by Frank Buske)
“Where Mountains Have No Names” for mezzo-soprano, clarinet and piano (Poetry by Peggy Shumaker)
(All songs are also available in high key)