Solo Works (click for full list)

Journey to the North (2021)
for solo violin
dedicated to Martha Kashap

Secret Path: Through the Florsheim Mansion (2016)
for solo piano (5″)
commissioned by Access Contemporary Music, Chicago
dedicated to and premiered by Sebastian Huydts

Sounds and Sighs for John (2016)
for oboe/oboe d’amore and electronics (10″)
dedicated to the memory of my teacher and mentor John Eaton (1935-2015)

Adagissimo — Cinquant’ anni d’amore (2013)
for solo piano (5″)
dedicated to Philip Morehead on the occasion of our 50th anniversary

Tourbillon Galaxy (2013)
for solo harpsichord (3″)
dedicated to Jory Vinikour
recorded by Mr. Vinikour on his Sono Luminous CD Toccatas

Meditation and Exultation (2012) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
for solo oboe d’amore (9″)
dedicated to Alicia Cordoba Tait in honor of the Virgin Mary

Belle-Ile Beethoven Bagatelle (2011)
for solo piano (3-1/2″)

For Mark (2010)
for solo cello (3″)
written for Mark Anthony Turnage on the occasion of his 50th birthday

Hildegard’s Trance (2008)
English horn and electronics (5″)
based on an antiphon by Hildegard of Bingen
Premiered at the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Hildegard von Bingen Society, Philadelphia, PA

Multiples (Mode, Scherzo, Psalm) (2004)
oboe, English horn and oboe d’amore
(1 player) and CD (15”)

Tears for Cassandra (2004)
solo cello (8”)

Fantasy Variations (1999)
solo harpsichord (9″)
Commissioned by Jory Vinikour

Jezebels (1998)
solo clarinet (10”)

Variations (1991)
solo piano (8”)

Design Two (1986)
solo flute/bass flute (11”)

Episode in the Life of a Proton (1986)
solo piano (6″)

Design One (1983)
solo oboe (or tuba) (5”)