Works for Chamber Ensemble (click for full list)

80th Birthday Tribute for Philip (2022)
for oboe and bassoon

Huron Duo (2022)
for English Horn and horn

Moon on Shimmering Water (2021)
for marimba and piano
premiered by the SHHH!! Ensemble, Zac Pulak, marimba and Edana Higham, piano

Lockdown Unravelling (2021)
for oboe and piano

Night Sky (2018)
for string quartet
commissioned by and dedicated to the North Bay Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Jones, musical director and conductor

Retro Variations: Search for a new melody (2015)
for violin, clarinet and piano (6″)

Come Dance With Me the Dance of Life (2014)
for solo bassoon and string orchestra  (12″)
commissioned by North/South Consonance, Max Lifschitz, director
premiered June 2, 2015 by Gilbert Dejean, bassoon, with the North/South Chamber Orchestra conducted by Max Lifschitz

Three Dances (2013)
for oboe, violin, cello, piano (13″)
Contemporary Sarabande — Bourrée — Tango

The Stutterer (2012)
for double bass and speaker (5″)
Poetry by Nina Corwin

Conversations (2011) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
for oboe and percussion (13″)
Early Morning — Liquid Light — Fallen in the Garden of Eaton
Dedicated to Alicia Cordoba Tait and George Blanchett

Yangtze River Journey (2010)
for flute, pipa, erhu, violin, cello, piano

Prairie Portraits (2010) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
for English horn and piano (9”)
Landscape of Chance — Flatlands — Stormy Sky
Dedicated to Carolyn Hove, English hornist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic
Also available for clarinet and saxophone.

Disquieted Souls (2009) 
for English horn and chamber ensemble (woodwind quintet and string quintet) (15″)
Commissioned by North/South Consonance, Max Lifschitz, director
premiered by Patricia Morehead with North/South Consonance
Dedicated to Carolyn Hove, English horn extraordinaire
Also available for English horn and organ or piano
recorded by Carolyn Hove on Navona Records “Good News Falls Gently”

Three Icons of the Feminine Divine (2009)
for oboe, English horn, contraforte (contrabassoon), and piano (12”)
(also available for flute, oboe, English horn and piano)
Dedicated to Alicia Cordoba Tait

Ladders of Anxiety (2007)
for flute, guitar, violin, viola, and cello (13″)
Commissioned by the International Contemporary Ensemble

Salome’s Dance (2006)
flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (11”)
Commissioned and premiered by ACM (Accessible Contemporary Music)

Pulsars and Tango (2006)
for string quartet (11″)
Commissioned and premiered by ACM (Accessible Contemporary Music)

Antiphonal (2005)
English horn and cello (4”)
Also available for clarinet and cello or viola

La suite noire (2003)
tpt, EH, ten sax, tuba (8”)
Commissioned by the Foothills Brass, Alberta, Canada, for Ensemble Noir
Also available for brass quintet

Hommage to Thurber (2002)
fl (alto fl, picc), cl, tuba, vla, vc, narr. [11”)
dedicated to the memory of Marshall Patner

Down Quicksand Alleys (2001)
for woodwind quintet and piano (20″)
Insomnia — The Chosen — Hypervigilance
Inspired by poetry of Nina Corwin

Orpheus Revisited (2001)
oboe, bassoon and piano (9”)
Commissioned by the Arbitrio for the IDRS convention in Buenos Aires, Argentina

con amore for b.c. (2000)
oboe d’amore, string quartet (10”)

Just Before the Rain (2000)
mandolin, clarinet, cello (7”)
Commissioned by Greek mandolinist Dimitris Marinos
also available for string trio or for pipa, erhu and cello

Y 2 Klarinets (1999) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
two B-flat clarinets (8”)
Commissioned by Richard Nunemaker of the Houston Symphony

Arioso (1998)
oboe, harpsichord (5”)
Commissioned by and dedicated to Joyce Turner Hilkevitch of “Mostly Music”
Also available flute or trumpet and piano.

The Handmaid’s Tale (1998)
for two pianos (16″)
Commissioned by American Women Composers for Ursula Oppens and Aki Takahashi

Event Horizon (1998) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
saxophone quartet (8”)
Commissioned by the Fondazione Donne in Musica for the quartet Donne in Sax

Memories (1997)
clarinet, violin, cello, piano (5”)

Elegy (1996) (published by Jeanné, Inc.)
English horn and piano (7″)
Also available for clarinet, viola, or alto saxophone

Design Five: Double Trouble (1994)
alto saxophone, cello (6”)

Edible Flute (1993)
for flute and piano (8″)
Commissioned by Mary Stolper

Echoes of an Opera to be (1993)
flute, guitar, marimba, percussion (10”) in two movements

Cubic Trio (1991)
violin, viola, cello (4”)

Music for Five (1990)
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (15″)
Winner of the International League of Women Composers Competition

Design Four: Flares and Phasers (1987)
two alto flutes or alto flute and clarinet (6”)
Commissioned by flutists Carole Morgan and Caroline Pittman

Design Three (1987)
two clarinets or two saxophones (6”)