Disquieted Souls (2009)

Carolyn Hove

Disquieted Souls (2009) was commissioned by Carolyn Hove, English horn soloist of the LA Philharmonic for EH solo, string quintet and woodwind quintet. (14 min.) It was premiered by the composer on English horn with North South Consonance, Max Lifchitz conducting (2009) in NYC at St. Stephen’s Church and performed recorded with Carolyn Hove with CUBE in June 2010.

Disquieted Souls is inspired by pre-Christian Celtic legends of goddesses and the supernatural. The piece starts with the suggestion of a Celtic dance tune and then the music enters the realm of the supernatural with the English horn playing mysterious melodies evoking the twilight of the dense forest. In the middle section the English horn sings in a world that is inhabited by sprites and faeries. The last part of the piece explores deep sadness and lost love, the essence of many ancient Celtic myths.

[Disquieted Souls score]

[Disquieted Souls (EH & organ or piano)]